2 Nov 2014

It's Sunday again

It's Sunday again, and I may say that is a busy one. Morning shopping at the vintage market, which I like a lot because there  you can find everything you want and you don't want :) Coffee time , ofcourse , because I 'm a big fun of coffee, and let's not forget of the presidential elections. I want to be a good citizen, so I had to go to vote. But I could not neglect the blog, and more than that, I could not neglect my new fur vest. It was love at first sight. I love the color of this fur, the texture, because looks like a natural fur, but I also like the shape of it. Considering that furs are currently very fashionable, finding this one in sales was a very nice surprise and a very good investment.

Fur vest from Bershka you can find it here
  H & M cardigan 

 Zara jeans

Vintage leather gloves

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