The lovely Puglia

The lovely Puglia.... I cant stop thinking about this beautiful and amazing place. I have to  say that is my first time when I visite the south of Italy, which really impressed me. Puglia is another world. A place with a different culture and with many different influnces. I always enjoy to learn and discover new places and new stories of  the world, and Puglia has a lot to offer as stories and unique places. 
I had the fortune and pleasure of a nice trip on boat between the Ionian sea and the Adriatic sea where I discovered and swimmed inside the beautiful caves of Santa Maria di Leuca. The sea was like a dream so clear and with that unique color. 
The history of this place is still alive and cleary visible because of the ancient greek houses and the big number of archaelogical sites.
I really enjoied this vacation and I recommend you to visite Puglia if you will have the opportunity.

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