5 Jul 2014

The time machine

Hey again guys! Here I am with a new post. After the short vacation in Italy, I came back home and I had a nice surprise. Part of my high school classmates organized a nice meeting. After seven years since we finished the high school, we finally decided to meet, and was a very good ideea because even if we tried to keep in touch, it's not always easy. In all this years many things can change, and each of us grows up and starts to make his own career,family,children and many other things that we are happy to find and to discover in a meeting like this. The time is passing fast and often we dont notice, but I can say that after all this years, we all felt again like in high school. It was like using the time machine, going back in time, feeling again teenagers, full of happiness and energy. Ofcourse after this meeting, we all agreed that we have to make mettings like this more often. So..... to the next meeting :) 

Wearing: Zara flats,italian design dress, New Look bag, Unofficial sunglasses


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